poems / interviews



“Say Dynamite” – poem at American Poetry Journal

“Ode To The Self Disappearing” and “Reality”

A Mini Essay: “On Power Ballads and Poetics” and a poem “Ta Dum Ta Dum Ta Dah!”

Three poems at the Pi Review

The poem “Monsters” at CypressPress

Five Sonnets at Periodicities

“Optimism” at GRIFFEL


My interview about Deepfake Serenade over at The Miramichi Reader

My interview at Prism International about my book The Cloud Versus Grand Unification Theory


Page Fright Podcast Interview with Andrew French about sobriety, rhyming poems and my book Deepfake Serenade

Ms. Lyric’s Poetry Outlaws Podcast interview with Catherine Owen where we talk poetry and music, and much more!

Loving The Process podcast about Midlife Action Figure with one of my best friends and consummate drummer John Huff.